25 11 2008

Ok, so here is the Palmer’s List of a Hundred things we are thankful for….  Okay, Okay, we thought we would only be able to come up with a Hundred, but ended up with a hundred and twelve

  1. God’s word
  2. Computers
  3. Emma’s friend, Maddy
  4. Mrs. Hursh
  5. Mrs. Peterson
  6. Corvallis Nazarene
  7. Katy our Children’s Pastor
  8. Sunsets
  9. Mountains
  10. Lakes
  11. Sand on the beach
  12. Cars that we drive
  13. School
  14. Work
  15. Warm feet
  16. Water to drink
  17. Grammy’s and Grampa’s
  18. bed
  19. blankets
  20. warm running water
  21. Coffee
  22. Nintendo DS
  23. Warm Coats
  24. Slippers
  25. Donald Duck
  26. Stuffed Animals
  27. Healthy Kids
  28. Blue Skies
  29. Clouds
  30. Fog
  31. Rain
  32. Snow
  33. Grace
  34. Mercy
  35. forgiveness
  36. Jesus dying on the cross
  37. Love
  38. A place to call home
  39. Pillows
  40. Hiking trails in the woods
  41. Big Rocks on the coast
  42. Trees
  43. Flowers
  44. Birdsongs
  45. singing and humming children
  46. life
  47. Adventure
  48. Friends
  49. Family
  50. Michigan
  51. 1st Wesleyan Church
  52. Grass
  53. Lavender
  54. Soap
  55. Socks
  56. Shoes
  57. Clothing
  58. Gloves to wear in the cold
  59. Smiles
  60. Hugs
  61. Kisses
  62. Goodnights
  63. Goodmornings
  64. kind words
  65. Someone to share our lives with
  66. Grammy and Grampa’s house
  67. Chocolate Milk
  68. Bagels
  69. Facebook
  70. Crisp cold air to breath
  71. Feet to walk
  72. Hands to feel
  73. Minds to comprehend and imagine and create
  74. Peace
  75. knowing what we believe.
  76. Oregon
  77. WordPress
  78. the ability to read
  79. The land of the free and the home of the brave
  80. the smell of wet asphalt
  81. God’s sense of humor
  82. Psalms
  83. Joy
  84. rivers
  85. waterfalls
  86. sleeping children
  87. laughter
  88. books
  89. Libraries
  90. Cameras
  91. Music
  92. Memories
  93. Photographs
  94. Sleep
  95. a quiet house
  96. Giggling children
  97. the ability to learn
  98. Swimming Pools
  99. Knitting
  100. Our Families who love us and put up with our quirks and shortcomings
  101. The warm sun
  102. The moonlight
  103. Boardgames
  104. Taylor’s friend Brendon
  105. Legos
  106. Emma’s friend Abby
  107. Our neighbors
  108. Our Pastor
  109. that Jesus isn’t finished with us
  110. that he never gives up on us
  111. That he is faithful, and that his mercies are new every morning
  112. that he has saved us from the pit (Psalm 103)

Rainy Day

17 11 2008

It has been so rainy here in Oregon for the past 2 weeks.  I thought since there won’t be any adventures for awhile that it would be good to re-cap some of our summer activities, since I haven’t had the opportunity to fill you in yet.  It started in June, over Father’s Day weekend when Tim and the Kids and I spent the weekend in Vancouver, WA visiting our friends, Rob and Karen Brown.  Rob is the Pastor of Vancouver Wesleyan Church.  Tim and I have known Rob and Karen for our entire married life…. about 13 years now.  While we had not remained in contact with them for all of that time, we have always known where they were ministering, and believe it or not, we have lived near them in 3 states.  Now that we are in Oregon, we have been privileged to be able to visit them as often as possible, and on occasion Tim has been able to help them with some computer work.  We are so Thankful that the LORD knows what we need, and provides it for us!  He provided Rob and Karen to us at a time when we really needed friendship and encouragement.  Thanks Rob and Karen for blessing us with your availability and friendship and for being there for us!

In June, over father’s day weekend, Vancouver Wesleyan Church has a Car Show.  If there is something you should know about Rob is that he has a thing for Mustangs.  He has owned and restored many through the years, and belongs to a car club.   So, following, you will find photos of the cars from the show, if you want to view the image at a larger size, just click it.  


roloff farms: little people, BIG world

28 10 2008

Garmin--an essential accessory in Oregon

Only Days after posting our trip to the coast, here I am again, posting another adventure. This past weekend our kids group at church had a day trip to Roloff Farms. YES, it is the farm of the Roloff Family from ‘TLC’s Little People Big World’. Taylor, Emma, Maddie and I drove about an hour or so just west of Portland to the really little town of Helvetia, OR. This was a MAJOR excitement for Emma, who loves the tv show. She especially likes Jeremy and Molly. So, for the whole time (until the end of our day) I let her take the photos to post on our blog, she did a great job, other than some minor adjustments, the photos turned out great! If you like them, leave her some good comments!

The Roloff Home after the addition

The Roloff Home with the new addition

About a half mile from the Farm, the traffic started to back up, and there was even sherriff patrols to direct traffic and keep everyone in line. It took us an hour to drive just a half mile. And when we left, the line was backed up to the same place. The Roloffs seem very down to earth, they were around the farm working, hosting tours and doing photo ops with visitors … while we were on the farm we saw Amy, Matt, Zack, Jeremy and Molly. We didn’t see Jacob anywhere. We also saw Grandma and Grampa Roloff. Jeremy drove the tractor on our hay ride tour.

the hundred year old barn--where the 'barn bites' are filmed and Matt also has an office
the hundred year old barn–
Matt Roloff and the Mule in the driveway

Matt Roloff and the Mule in the driveway

Amy Roloff taking a photo with just a few of the MANY visitors there

Jeremy Roloff, our tractor tour driver

Jeremy Roloff, our tractor tour driver

Molly Roloff

Molly Roloff

Zac Roloff

Zac Roloff

Grandma and Grandpa Roloff (Matt's Parents)

Grandma and Grandpa Roloff (Matt's Parents)

Checking you out with my 'binoculars'

Scary Jack-o-Lantern Faces

Scary Jack-o-Lantern Faces

As you can see, we had a great time at the Roloff’s Farm! The kids even shared their Scary Jack-o-Lantern Faces with me for a photo. Hope you enjoyed our Trip to the Roloff Farm, maybe next fall, you can visit and join us for a trip there yourself!

Coast Day Two

13 10 2008

Hey Everyone… Tim and I took the kids to the Lincoln City Kite Festival this past weekend. We spent the day driving from Monmouth to Lincoln City to Newport to Corvallis and then back to Monmouth. (click link to see map… Map of Coast Day II) We drove about 180 miles. It was an AWESOME day at the coast, the sun was bright and shiny and the sky was blue. The air was crisp and cool, but not too cold. A perfect day! ( a rare event on the Oregon Coast, where it is usually overcast, foggy and rainy) I want to tell you more about the sights… but, I will have to post and write as I go… there was so much to show you!

Maddie flying her very own kite, that Mommy made for her. And above, holding her hood down because it is windy!

The following information about Cape Foulweather was found on http://www.u-s-history.com.

“Cape Foulweather was discovered and named in 1778 by the famous British navigator Captain James Cook. It was at this Point that Captain Cook first sighted the mainland of North America on the Pacific Coast, and one of the sudden storms which greeted his arrival almost put an end to his historical expedition. The fierceness of the storm is reflected by the name he gave this rugged landmark – Cape Foulweather. The Lookout is perched atop this promontory rising 500 feetcan be seen the crashing surf along the shore, sea birds nesting on the rocks, sea lions basking in the sun, fleets of fishing boats in search of salmon, ocean liners whose wisps of smoke string out along the far horizon. Whale Watching, unbelievable sunsets, and the peaceful calm which follows the violence of a sudden storm. above sea level and from its windows

This state wayside between Depoe Bay and Otter Rock offers good views.

A small gift shop perches atop the headland.”

Devils Punchbowl is a large hole in the rock just below Cape Foulweather and parallel to Otter Rock, which fills with water when the tide comes in, and small tide pools when the tide goes out. It was interesting to look at, and as I found out, it was created the division between two sea caves collapsed several years ago, and made one large hole in the rock. As you are standing above the bowl looking down into the rock, you can see the waves churning in the rock, and I would imagine that it isn’t such a great place to be if the tide were coming in and you were stuck in there.

As we were coming around the corner back to our car from Devil’s Punchbowl, we could see off the cliff, these surfers in the water on the beach below, as we walked back to our car, we noticed the steps leading down to the beach, so we decided to walk down to the beach. We wanted to see if we could find any tide pools or sea caves. We were not disappointed, we found both on the beach below, not to mention starfish, sea urchins and surfers. The kids took their shoes off, rolled up their jeans and walked on the sand, and in the water.

So, after spending time at the beach, looking for shells, and starfish and sea urchins, we decided to take a short drive, a few miles away to Newport.  Newport, as you might remember from older posts is the working fishing village.  We decided to go for chowder @ Mo’s, since Tim had never been there before.  Then we took a long walk along the docks and looked at the seals on the big rock by the Marina.  After we were done looking at seals, we went to Yaquina Head Lighthouse, and to the beach to take photos of the sunset which was BEAUTIFUL!  Enjoy the rest of the photos, there are lots of them!

For those of you who follow our blog on a regular basis know that we have been to Newport before, about a year ago.  Last time, Tim walked around on the dock at the Marina and took photos of some of the boats that were there.  The one that stood out to him was called “Perseverance”, (you can see the boat if you click the tag “Newport” on the right side of the blog.)  which he thought was timely then… and Today, as we turned the corner after checking out the seals, the first boat we came upon was named “Persistence” again, timely, and meaningful to us.  Whether that is a “message from God” or not, I do not know, but… I do know that for our current situation, both are good messages!  While we have had a tough year, GOD is GOOD, he has been and will continue to be our Rock.

Well, that’s the end of our adventure for today, next time we hope to go to Tillamook, and maybe Astoria.  But until then, keep checking up on us, and let us know how you all are.  Its been awhile since we heard from you!

Coast Day, Fall 2008

3 10 2008

This week, the kids had Wed-Friday off of school because of conferences.  Since Tim was working, I decided to take the kids to the beach…. or, as most Oregonians call it….”The Coast”, Enjoy these photos, and if you’re ever in the area, on an off chance… We will take you to Mo’s Seafood, and treat you to their famous Clam Chowder (sooooo yummy).  We went to Pacific City which is about16 miles North of Lincoln City, on Highway 101.  We spent a good part of the morning on the Beach there, watching the mesmerizing motion of the surf as it pounded the shore.  We saw a handful of Surfers and other beachcombers picking up shells, and parts of Crabs on the beach, as well as hiking up the dunes.  After spending a good amount of time on the beach, and watching Taylor get wet in the surf, we drove over the mtn. Range and crossed the Salmon River to make our way back to Lincoln City, where we went down to D river inlet, and to Mo’s (An Oregon coast neccesity if you like clam chowder.  I had mine in a bread bowl…. it was sooooo goooood!)  The River spills from the ocean, inland to form Devil’s Lake, which is just on the east side of Hwy 101.  The beaches all around the river/bay inlet are littered with driftwood (or in Maddie speak…. ‘dripwood’‘). We couldn’t even take off our shoes to walk in the sand because of all the chewed up wood in the sand. The size of the logs was amazing! Any of you who have lived next to the beach or a lake or river know the color that the wood turns after it has been floating in the salt water, and then thrust up onto the beach left to burn in the sun…. the silvery-white wood is neat to look at especially when there is so much of it.  It is like going through a maze just to get from the boardwalk to the water on the beach.  We saw GIANT Fir trees, Emma and I saw one while sitting in Mo’s, and it looked like the ribs and vertabra of a large whale… we could see the branches from accross the river, it was so large.  On the way home, we saw a sign for the Drift Creek covered Bridge, so we stopped and took a photo of it as well.  We will write soon again, with another adventure, I am sure!


26 09 2008

Funny, after living 8 years in Michigan…. I never got into College Football! Now, I am living in Oregon and  I watched Oregon State play USC last night! WOW what a game! We live 20 miles North of Corvallis, and it is all exciting to be so close to the action…. sometime soon, the palmer family is going to make a trip to the OSU stadium to watch a game in person… until then, GO BEAVS! YAHOO!

maddison rose palmer

20 09 2008

so many of you have asked if I was going to post any current photos of Maddie…. I thought about it… and decided that since her birthday isn’t until December, that it would be kinda mean of me to wait till then… so, I am posting photos.