13 04 2009

well, that time of the year is here again… where the weather becomes actually enjoyable.  Not that the seasons aren’t nice, but when spring comes around… its so nice to see the sun more often, and we even get a few ‘teasing’ days of 70 degree weather.  And, well, most of you who know me, know well, that I love to take photos of my kids outside… I am not a fan of indoor flash photos.  I would rather set up a camera to take a photo next to a window than to actually put my flash on my camera…. I just despise the flash that much….which I guess is something I should try to get over… maybe.  But until then, rain or not, you will find me shooting as many outdoor photos as possible.  I mean…. why waste all that incredible beauty by staying inside?!  Here are some recent photos of Maddie and Emma and yes, you guessed it… me.  I rarely get out from behind the lens to take photos of myself, but this time, I finally mustered the courage to take a few.




One response

14 04 2009
Katy Weber

Good job! Nice pictures!

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