20 01 2010


1 09 2009

WOW its been sooooo long since i posted! Miss you all! Been a very busy summer, as most of you know the kids and I spent the summer in San Diego. We went down to visit my Grandma, and Uncle, Aunt, and counsins as well as Tim’s mom. We wound up staying for 2 months. Loved every second… and want to share the entire trip with you all very soon. Hopefully when the kids get back to school I’ll have time to really post photos and tell you all about it.

Saturday Market–Corvallis, Oregon

10 05 2009


13 04 2009

well, that time of the year is here again… where the weather becomes actually enjoyable.  Not that the seasons aren’t nice, but when spring comes around… its so nice to see the sun more often, and we even get a few ‘teasing’ days of 70 degree weather.  And, well, most of you who know me, know well, that I love to take photos of my kids outside… I am not a fan of indoor flash photos.  I would rather set up a camera to take a photo next to a window than to actually put my flash on my camera…. I just despise the flash that much….which I guess is something I should try to get over… maybe.  But until then, rain or not, you will find me shooting as many outdoor photos as possible.  I mean…. why waste all that incredible beauty by staying inside?!  Here are some recent photos of Maddie and Emma and yes, you guessed it… me.  I rarely get out from behind the lens to take photos of myself, but this time, I finally mustered the courage to take a few.

SK8r Dude!

23 03 2009

Taylor…. wanting to be just like his uncle Joe…. decided to take up skateboarding recently. (yeah… that was my reaction too…. just GREAT!)  So, we have been trying to have him practice…. at the local skatepark.  So, Today, Tim took Emma to a concert in Portland… and I took taylor to the skatepark in Dallas so he could practice his moves…. (there really wasn’t much skating going on…..more like posing)  🙂  Here’s a few photos of our adventure….Black and White  seemed to capture the mood, so I went with it.   Enjoy!


4 03 2009

Recently, I joined facebook….. a social networking site where you can revisit old friendships, make new friendships and continue current ones. I am flabbergasted (to cause to be overcome with astonishment; astound)  at how quickly I have become reacquainted with many old friends… people I have known over the course of my life… (as I was recently reminded.. almost 40 years now… yikes, scary to think that much time has passed) I have lived in so many places…California, New Brunswick, Indiana, Michigan and now Oregon… and I have made friends in each of the places I have lived. Since I joined Facebook in August of last year, I have accrued some 300 friends many of which I went to High School with. I am so very fortunate to have had the chance to reconnect with so many of my former classmates and friends…in fact, Kathy,  my best friend through Jr. Hi, High School and College who I had lost contact with, I have now been reunited with because of Facebook. While I did not intend for this to be a plug for Facebook, I just think its so cool to have the technology which serves as a bridge to connect my past to my present… and thus come full circle.  I have never been a believer in coincidence… I believe everything happens for a reason, to serve a purpose, to cause us to grow and learn and benefit from in some fashion or another.  I can say with confidence that the Lord has put each person who I have come in contact with over the course of my short life to be influential in the making of who I have become.  For that, I am thankful…

“Reliable friends who do what they say are like cool drinks in sweltering heat—refreshing!”  Prov. 25:13 msg.

“Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”  Prov. 27:9 msg


20 01 2009

While I don’t normally post on political issues, I felt that the historic events taking place tomorrow are inspiring and I needed to share some of my thoughts on this momentous occasion.

First, I would like to say, I did not vote for Barack Obama. I am a US citizen, and since I turned 18, I have never missed an election… that is to say, I have voted every election in the last 20 years (yes, I am going to be 38 in March). While I realize that saying this to all of you may invoke some feeling of anger toward me, I am confident that I can overcome whatever angst may be thrown my way. I feel this way because I am an American, I have the freedom to vote my conscience, regardless of what others may think of me for doing so.

I really did not post tonight because I wanted you to know how I voted, but I wanted to say something that has been welling in my heart and mind over the events of the last months since the night of the election. Regardless of how you feel about ‘President’ Obama, regardless of how you feel about the way any of the elections of any of our leaders have gone over the past several years, regardless of your liberal or conservative viewpoints, regardless of how you were raised, who you grew up with, the color of your skin, the accent that reveals where you come from, how old or young you are, you must admit that tomorrow will be a historic day for our country.

Tonight, I had the opportunity, for the first time (that I can remember) to view Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. I thought that it would be a good thing for my kids to watch the entire speech, (which is 17 minutes long) its not too long, but I don’t know if I have ever seen it all the way through. Yes, we all have heard the most famous parts of the speech, the ones that they play over and over year after year. But, I have to say that it was amazing to sit and talk to my kids about slavery, and segregation, and black and white, and to explain to them about MLK, and the signifigance of tomorrow’s events. I was not alive during the 60’s, I do not remember, like my mom, what it was like to grow up during that time, and I am not black, so I cannot possibly know what it was/is like to have that experience.

Like I said before, I did not vote for Obama, I am a conservative. But, I will say that the night of the election, I was in awe of the feelings that welled up in my heart, of joy for all african american people who have dreamed of this day, of Martin Luther King Jr. who died for this day…. of many who have lost their lives in the struggle of racism, for all those who have fought for equality, for rights that they never thought would be theirs. We have come a long way as a nation, and we have not yet arrived, but the ‘promised land’ that Martin Luther King spoke about is a little closer today, than yesterday. History is happening all around us… lets take it all in!

I am an American, I am proud to live in the greatest country in the history of the world. Many of my friends who are conservatives did not vote for Obama, many of my friends who are followers of Jesus Christ did not vote for Obama, but certainly many of my friends who love Jesus did vote for Obama.

My friends, it matters not, because our call now, is to PRAY like we have never prayed before for President Obama. The man has just taken the weight of the world on his shoulders, and we have a biblical mandate to pray for our leaders. Tim and I tonight talked to our kids about the historical nature of what tomorrow brings, and then we prayed for President Obama. Put your political beliefs aside and join our family in praying for our nation and our President and his family.